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When you participate in a competition on Stronger, you must accept these rules and terms. The competitions are organized by Stronger.


You must be at least 16 years old and consent to us contacting you regarding the competition. Individuals working for and with Stronger are not allowed to participate in a competition.


The winner is randomly drawn from all participants or those who have answered correctly. The winner will be contacted via email within a week after the draw. The winner must respond to Stronger within a week, or the prize will be forfeited.

The chance of winning is equal for everyone and depends on the number of participants (1:100 if 100 participate).

The winner must provide Stronger with the information necessary for delivery. Stronger will send the prize within 14 days after receiving all the necessary delivery information.

Stronger reserves the right not to deliver the prize if the winner does not provide all the necessary information. If Stronger fails to contact the winner within a week or within the specified deadline, a new winner will be drawn.

Winners residing outside the EU may need to pay customs or import fees when the package reaches the destination country. These fees must be paid by the package recipient.


The prizes cannot be exchanged, either for other products or for money. All expenses related to the competition are borne by Stronger. Winners residing outside the EU may have to pay customs fees when the package arrives at the destination. This must be paid by the package recipient.


By participating in a competition, you agree that Stronger may register your email, name, and other necessary contact information. The information is used solely for the competition and is not shared with third parties. Stronger is obligated to protect the participant's information. All information is stored securely.

For more information on the use of your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.


If you participate in competitions, it is a requirement that you accept receiving the following via email: newsletters, offers, discount codes, and other advertising for Stronger products (e.g., leggings, news, offers, and workout equipment). You may also receive the following information via email: updates on Stronger events, new customer information, and promotions.

Stronger AB has the right to contact you via email and SMS.

You can unsubscribe at any time through the link provided in the emails.