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Hero is our new performance series providing greater support & light compression. Hero Performance Series is crafted for both high intensity, performing athletes and heavy workout sessions. This is the first in the Hero series and we will release a new Hero Performance Series every year!


Thyme Long sleeve zip
The thyme Signature zip jacket long sleeve made with a super soft, light and stretchy fabric that provides comfort in several uses. Wear this to color up your everyday active lifestyle, whether it’s in the jogging track or at the gym. Try ’em with a matching pair of tights to bring out your complete superhero look.

Material & Tvättråd

Material:90% Polyester / 10% Elastan
Tvättråd:30°C / Separat / Torktumla ej

Funktioner & Fördelar

  • Soft, light and stretchy fabric
  • Logo at front
  • Signature dotted lines on left arm
  • Zip in front
  • Reflective details

Storlek / Passform

Passform:Slim Fit
Modellens längd:175 cm
Modellen bär:S
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