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We urge you to read these terms and conditions in full before your purchase. These terms and conditions may be updated and changed, which is why we ask that you read the following terms before each new purchase.

1. Ordering, confirmation of order, and entering into a purchase agreement

When you are ordering products on Stronger AB’s website you obtain a confirmation of your order. When you after this obtain the delivery confirmation of your order, you are entering into an agreement with Stronger and you are accepting these terms and conditions of purchase. This means that you agree to abide by these terms in their entirety, and that you have read the information about personal data and agree to the use of personal information and cookies according to Stronger’s privacy policy.

Address: Stronger AB Vasagatan 46, 111 20 Stockholm

Visitors address: Vasagatan 46, 111 20 Stockholm Company registration number: 556981-4121

CEO: Martin Hansson.

Contact information:,

2. Point in time of agreement

These terms and conditions apply when the consumer (“you”) is placing an order with, “the Website,” and its subpages. When Stronger has confirmed your order, you have entered into an agreement with Stronger AB, company registration number 556981-4121. These terms and conditions are applicable for you in your capacity as a consumer when ordering Stronger’s products on the Website.

3. Valid identification etc.

You must be at least 18 years of age to place orders on the Website. You, therefore, have to be able to present a valid identification to be permitted to purchase on the Website as well as a valid means of payment through our payment solution. In accordance with Swedish law, we do not approve credit purchases to people below the age of 18. Stronger reserves the right to deny or make changes in your order if you for example exhibit incorrect personal data or/and have payment remarks, or if you have or exhibited fraudulent conduct.

Prices stated on the Website include VAT.

The cost of freight is not included in the price and is charged and declared separately in connection with the placing of orders.

Prices stated may from time to time be changed by Stronger.

Once you have placed your order and received your order confirmation, no changes can be made to your order.

Stronger reserves a right to abstain from delivering ordered products in the event that chosen products are not available.

Discount codes are registered at the checkout. To use the discount code, add products to the shopping cart, and then add the discount code in the field assigned to discount codes.

When using a campaign offer, the prices have already been adjusted when putting the product in the shopping cart.

If you have paid using a voucher, the voucher will be refunded through a gift card in the event of a return.

4. Disclaimers

Stronger does not assume responsibility for image or typing errors on the website. This includes, but is not limited to, errors in the product description or technical specification, incorrect prices or adjustments of prices, or incorrect information of stock availability. Stronger reserves a right to correct such errors and to change or update information at any time. Stronger is not liable for delays, or lack of stock, from the point in time at which an order is placed and before Stronger confirms the order. Stronger reserves the right to adjust any errors in pricing before and after the order has been processed, and before the delivery confirmation is provided to you.

All image information on the website should be exclusively viewed as illustrations. These illustrations cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the number of items you receive, or the product's exact appearance, features, or origin. Information on the website that comes from a third party is not Stronger’s responsibility.

5. Intellectual property etc.

The Website, and all the contents of the Website, is owned by Stronger. Information on the Website is subject to protection by intellectual property legislation and marketing legislation. This means that product names, images and graphics, design, layout, and information about products, services, and other content may not be copied or used without written permission from Stronger.

6. Personal data

Link to Klara data protection policy.

Link to Adyen data protection policy.

7. Right of return

You have the right to return your purchase without presenting a reason within thirty (30) days. The time frame within which you have the right to return the order commences from the point in time at which the order has been shipped from Stronger’s warehouse. Certain products are exempted from the right of return. The product needs to be returned in its original packaging, with tags and labels intact, and in otherwise unused and undamaged condition.

In the event that you have used a voucher to pay for an order you’re returning, a refund will be issued as either a gift card or as store credit.

Prices during a campaign are only valid during the time of which the campaign is active on the website. This means that you can not receive the price the campaign offers for orders placed before a campaign has started, or after a campaign has ended.

Stronger assumes liability for the returned product from the time you as a customer have left the package to the carrier. You may not be held liable for the product if the product is damaged or disappears from the time at which the product has been left to the carrier, unless Stronger can prove that you have been negligent, e.g. by not having adequately packaged the product, or if you have stated the wrong address for your return. Please make sure to keep the information regarding your return until you have had your refund issued or until you have been contacted.

You are liable for the cost of shipping of the returned order when you utilize your right of return.

8. Utilizing your right of return

In the event that you return a product, the product must be sent to Stronger within 14 days from the time at which you registered your return in our return portal or, if you live outside of the EU, received your return documents via email from our customer service.

You will receive your refund at the latest 14 days you have informed us about your wish to return your product. We have the right to await refunding you until we have received the returned product, or when you have produced evidence that you have returned the product, whichever occurs first. We will use the same means of payment for refunds as was used when you placed the order. Change of means of payment will not cause any additional fee for you.

You assume the cost of the return shipping fee when utilizing your right of return.

If you do not pick up a delivered product, we will charge a fee of €/$15.

9. Gift card

In the event that you have returned a product that you have purchased using a gift card, we urge you to contact customer service and you will obtain a new gift card.

10. Gifts with purchase

When returning products, any gifts that were given in connection with the order shall be returned to Stronger.

11. Exchanges

We do not offer exchanges of products, only returns and refunds. You, therefore, have to return the product and be issued a refund. You may thereafter place a new order with the product you want to purchase. If you have used a discount code during your purchase and wish to get the same product in a different size, please contact our Customer Service on this link.

If you need to claim a product, please read paragraph 12.

12. Complaints/claims

All products that you purchase from Stronger should be of the highest quality. In the event you receive a product that is defective, you should file a complaint with us as soon as you have detected the defect. According to the Swedish Consumer Protection Act, (Sw: konsumentköplagen), a consumer shall file a complaint with the seller within a reasonable time from the point in time at which the consumer detected the defect. According to this act, filing a complaint within two months from detection of the defect is considered to be a reasonable time. In the event that you file a complaint more than three years following the point in time at which you obtained the product in your possession, you may not obtain any remedy as a result of a defective product. In the event that you want to file a complaint as a result of a defective product, please take pictures of the product and file your complaint by clicking on this link.

Each complaint is treated and assessed manually. It may therefore take between 14-30 days before a decision is made and can be communicated to you. Non-approved complaints are returned to the buyer.

In the event that you have questions regarding the returning of purchased products and replacements, please click on this link to go to our FAQ page, or chat with our customer service.

13. Returning underwear and swimwear As for swim- and underwear, hygiene is of the greatest importance when it comes to returning such products. Other terms and conditions for the returning of swim- and underwear therefore apply. When you purchase a bikini bottom the product comes with a sanitary plastic seal in the crotch. Underwear is delivered in a sealed bag. In order to be permitted to return such a product, the seal needs to be intact. In the event that the sanitary plastic seal is broken, the right of return does not apply. The product will in such an event be returned to you.

14. Force Majeure

Stronger is not obligated to fulfill these terms and conditions in an event beyond Stronger's reasonable control, and which could not have been reasonably foreseen at the time of the purchase, and if the fulfillment of the delivery of the products would entail sacrifices which are not reasonable in consideration to the interest of the customer having Stronger fulfilling the purchase. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: riot, war, strike, natural disaster, etc.

You are not entitled to compensation for any sufferings as a result of delays or defective products on part of Stronger if the defect and delay is a result of a circumstance beyond Stronger’s control and which Stronger could not reasonably have been aware of at the point in time of the purchase and which consequences Stronger could not have reasonably avoided or overcome.

15. Personal information

We have a legal right to process personal data to fulfill our obligations under agreements with you when you purchase products on our Website. We process personal data for purposes of being able to fulfill our obligations under the agreements with you when you purchase products on the Website.

Please see the following information about the identity of the controller, contact information, contact information to the data processing officer, the purpose of processing personal data, the legal basis for the processing of personal data, recipients of personal data, whether we transfer personal data to a third country, the period during which personal data is being processed, the registered rights of accessing personal data, rectifying personal data, deleting of and limitation of processing personal data, the right of objection to the processing of personal data, information about data portability, the registered’s right to consent to the processing of personal data, the registered’s right of complaining to the data processing authority, information about automated decision making.

16. Governing law

These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden, without application of its conflict of law principles.