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STRONGER is a Swedish activewear brand that offers high quality, expressive activewear for free-spirited individuals, that transcends fashion and sport. Designed in Stockholm, to boost self-confidence and inspire a joyful, active life.

Our designers in Stockholm consistently blend style and practicality, crafting inventive and distinctive designs suited for a fast-paced lifestyle. Our hand-drawn patterns and vibrant hues are thoughtfully selected to add some fun and flair to any active agenda.

Discover a range of activewear loved by you. These iconic pieces will keep you feeling your best while not feeling a single slip, pinch or bounce during your workouts. Explore the pieces you can’t get enough of and find your sweaty sidekicks.

At STRONGER we are aware of the impact the fashion industry has on our planet. As an activewear brand, our job is to minimize our social and environmental impact as much as possible. We know we’re not there yet, but we are committed to do everything we can to take our responsibility and become the best we can be, for the planet and the people. To do that, we are going through a sustainable business development that we are applying to our entire value chain - from sourcing and producing, to transporting and being worn by our amazing community.

Producing new clothes will always leave a footprint on our planet. Reducing it isn’t a quick-fix, but an ever-evolving process where finding new, innovative materials and production techniques is key. It’s important for us to create high-quality activewear that you can love for a long time and in that way, reduce consumption. A step in the right direction is to use more recycled materials and limit our usage of new textiles. Today, around 60% of our assortment is made from recycled materials such as recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and Econyl.